A sample of the technical manuals I have produced.

Introducing Web Course BuilderIntroducing Web Course Builder

Web Course Builder is a Windows application used to create Web-based eLearning. This is a 53-page Word document designed to get users started quickly.

Produced for ReadyGo, Inc.
Written using Microsoft Word

DXX2100ir Digital Image Receptor Operator's ManualDXX2100ir Digital Image Receptor Operator’s Manual

Revised and updated existing operator's manual for medical imaging equipment and software. Document was written in Microsoft Word and converted FrameMaker and then to PDF for customer delivery. Products separate installation manual was also revised and updated.

Produced for Phoxxor, Inc.
Written using FrameMaker

Using CustomizerUsing Customizer

Customizer allows companies to customize the Resumix Knowledge Base of resume terms to add company-specific terms. This enables more effective resume searching with the Resumix system.

Produced for Resumix, Inc.
Written using FrameMaker
Received Award of Merit in Society for Technical Communication (STC) Touchstone 98 Competition (Business and Retail Software Documents category)

Resumix Interact for PeopleSoftResumix Interact

Resumix Interact provides automatic and reliable data transfer between the Resumix system and various HR systems including PeopleSoft, Oracle HRMS, and SAP. I led a team of writers to document administration guides, online help, installation instructions, and release notes for each Resumix Interact product.

Produced for Resumix, Inc.
Administrative guides, installation instructions, and release notes written using FrameMaker

Web Gateway Administrator's Guide

The Web Gateway is a Web interface to the Formtek document management system. This document describes the CGI program interface, and how to install and configure the gateway.

Produced for Formtek
Written using FrameMaker